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What is

The Stingray Project is a series of temporary artistic installations by French (and Australian, and British) artist Berty Cadilhac. The artworks merge image and water, to represent the subjectivity of our perception.

We like to think that we assess situations and people without any filter or bias, but our background and culture create a prism that influences us, and leads to misunderstandings and conflicts.

Project History

The project started in Singapore in 2002, in the residence of the Irish ambassador.

Installations were then produced in Asia and Australia, in hotels, artistic galleries and even under the sea.

In 2019 it is now coming into a second phase, and is open to collaboration with spectacular venues.

Who is

Berty Cadilhac is a Visual Artist, and Film Writer-Director based in London.

Berty believes that Art can be playful, and does not have to be locked in the wall of a gallery.  


Inspired by Christo and Maurizio Cattelan, Berty see life and Art as a human adventure that can inspire and surprise everyone, not just the Art world.



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